World of Clockz

Into the Mine

Something Hairy

The party arrived at the entrance to the mine and entered it. Once inside, they found themselves against a gnoll and its hyena accomplices. After a quick fight wherein the party destroyed their enemies, they found the miners trapped behind a wall of rubble. Using the explosives given by Farnor, the party was able to get the miners out. Sadly, one of the miners was dead due to falling rocks.

Carefully making their way back down the mountain, the miners went back to their houses, happy to be reunited with family. Thanking them, the leader of the miners, Grim, invited them to stay with his family for the night. Ulger, his nephew, led them home, and they were fed and given bedding. Ulger, upon suggestion by Miashi, decided that he would join up with the party. His aunt and uncle allowed it.

The next day, rising rested, the party returned to Riverside and informed the Lieutenant of the good news. He rewarded the party, and informed them that he would need their help again in the future. They left. Once outside, however, Miashi got in an argument with Gormak over the information shared in the meeting. They separated.


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