Across the world, there are numerous kingdoms, empires, and city-states that compete for control over the magic wells that dot the landscape. Each faction considers itself the center of the world, and claims the world should be named after themselves. Because of this, there is no true name to the world. Furthermore, most countries have their own timekeeping system, causing layman to jokingly refer to the whole world as “The World of Clocks.”

Each faction has their own currency system, much to the annoyance of merchant guilds. Most small towns and hamlets won’t care too much how they’re paid, but larger settlements will only take currency of their own faction. Thankfully, most large settlements also have currency exchanges. The only exception to this rule is in a valuable type of coin made of the precious magic pulled from the ground called the Wizard’s Boon. This coin is worth 50 gp and is accepted universally.




The Circle of Eyes


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