World of Clockz

The Burning Bear

To the Bloated Boar

The party, coming to after casualties at the hands (teeth) of the Undead Sharkenbear, went on the offensive. Catching up to the bear, Moto and Kara were able to stop it and set it aflame. Meanwhile, Mulch Flemming was able to help revive Gormak. Sadly, Thandrul did not survive his injuries, and he died. The party traveled back to their horses and made their way back to town. Ulger and Kara were able to set up funeral services while Moto received the next assignment. Resting from their injuries, the party regrouped in the morning.

Heading to the Bloated Boar Inn, a local hunter’s tavern, the party sought a man by the name of Orsen Palon. The party split up to ask about him, search for clues, and meet an interesting character…


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